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Any resources for virtual

I'll build some robots.

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I am trying to help my VEX EDR student design a robot. Is there a free Autodesk version I can use?

Autodesk provides a variaty of CAD products for free for students and educators at https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/featured . You just need to sign up for an Autodesk education account (which doesn't take too long), then select the cad product you want and download it. I am currently using Fusion 360 in my robotics classes.

i need some advice on how to make the arm for a v5 clawbot

Can anyone help with a missing file from the Autodesk Academy course "Fusion 360: Design and Customize a VEX EDR Clawbot"? In lesson 4 the data file "CLAW_276-2212" is missing and it is required to complete that lesson. Thanks for your help.