Human Powered Vehicle

Systems Design of an HPV for UMich Students.

Design for Six Sigma - Electric Kettle

Case Study for DFSS, Target Customers - College Students

Shoes: Fusion Tutorial

Designed along with Modeling and Prototyping for Product Designers https://academy.autodesk.com/node/100561/take I mirrored to make the pair and also used Texture...

3D Printed Watch

We were required to design a watch face and a band to 3D Print.

Dual Speakers

Speakers that can be used as a single speaker or split into two speakers, thereby being Stereo speakers

Nature-inspired Headset

Won first in Autodesk's "Design for Audio Industry: Headset" competition.

Bike Lock unlocked by Wearable (3D Printing and Prototyping)

I worked on a multi-disciplinary team to research, design, and develop a smart bike lock that locks and unlocks with...

Bike Lock unlocked by Wearable - 3D Printed

As part of my class, Integrated Product Development, we are making a Bike lock which you can unlock using a...

Bike Lock Concept #1

I am in a multidisciplinary team, designing a bike lock that can be unlocked using a wearable device. We selected...