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Hi everyone!!
I was wondering, it's been more than a month since I requested my student expert kit, but nothing happened yet!!
I am also asking about student ambassador kit, are there any updates about it??!!
Thanks in advance :)

buenas tardes, mi nombre es sebastian y apenas estoy comenzando con el cuento del diseño, vengo en busca de nuevos conocimientos, aprender mucho de todos ustedes y dispuesto a enseñar lo poco que conozco, ojalá hagamos buena amistad y aprendamos mucho, mucha gracias.

can I ask for work drawings for the learning process, I want to learn autodesk inventor at the basic to advanced level?

Get a behind the scenes look at the making of Fuller Moto's futuristic 2029. With its unconventional style and innovative build techniques, the 2029 asks us to think differently about design, and provides us a glimpse into what may be to come in a new age of customs.

#design & #Manufacturing with #Fusion360

Hi everyone, I just joined the Student Expert group, and am curious as to what everyone has experienced due to being a member?

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