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Is there any one who have an idea of argumentativ realty design and integrating with 3D graphics with unity 3d?

somebody can tell me what is this for? is in my spam folder of my email account? it's a real autodesk communication?

thanks @Artem Maksimov. The thing it´s I already done this configuration when I set up my account, about 1,5 years ago! :s
I don´t think I needed to set up again my password

Hi. I`m sure that it`s real Autodeesk Communication, because the link is tha same as in message to me, when I Logged UP. So u need only to go by this link and set your password/

Hello everyone,
Anyone can suggest me a Autodesk Software for Modeling Ship Construction?

If you want to design the ship as a design or 3D simulation, I recommend Inventor, which allows you to create your ship as a collection of attached components.

But real fact is that without Machines no one can build Civilization.

Well, in fact is very possible but not so fast as sonic, but is possible... we had the great example "Ancient Egyptian architecture".

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