Fishing Tool

The project of Fishing Tool is to help people which like fishing from Shore and don't have a boat. The...

The Future Aircraft - Saving people lives

The project targeting aircraft accidents where hundred lives are lost. The Model created use passengers Cabins with capacity up to...

car body design

creating with sculpting . has an easy grip over car modelling .


Introduction to Fusion 360: Design a Lamp in an hour Also added some lighting and base ground to it

V6 Engine

This assembly and rendering of V6 Engine is completely made in Autodesk fusion360.

Medical Equipment

It is a blood testing and blood pressure measuring machine . It is easily operate by semi skilled person and...


Introduction to CAD for Engineers

Unique Headphones

An ergonomically designed headphones that will make your hearing/listening experiences more on jam!


A concept earphone which can be used as per needs.

hybride e bike

An Electric bike uses electric motor for the purpose of moving. On this bike people does not have to use...


Drone capable of working Underwater,on land and air,powered by 4 high rpm motors and specially designed coupling.

Interior Design

A sophisticated interior design of the future day need with all equipped facilities

Harley Davidson Bike Concept

Life has become more simpler by the invention of motor cycle. Today we can't imagine life without motorcycles. Design plays...

solar rikshaw

this design is based on how we can use solar power energy for making transportation easy and environmental friendly in...

Fusion 360 Gaming Headset

As an intern challenge I modelled a Fusion 360 Gaming Headset. I hope you like it and feel free to comment.

Mariée Elfique

Elven bride - inspired by one of my best friends, who will be marrying the love of her life this...

Wall e

It is a cad Design of wall e

Cubesat for Venguard 1

This projects aims to capture venguard 1 by using robotic arm.

Futuristic F1 Car

This project was intended for Autodesk's Industry Design Challenge : Design for Automotive. But unfortunately it wasn't uploaded on time...


Jewellery plays a key role for attending a wedding or for wedding or any highclass parties. This is a jewellery...
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