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This group is for students of Shelton School in Dallas, TX who are enrolled in Mr. Hanson's STEM or Physics classes.

CNC Routable CO2 Car

This car design was made as part of the Project Lead the Way CIM curriculum by using both Inventor HSM...

Introduction to CAD with Tinkercad and Fusion 360

In this course, we'll use both Autodesk® Tinkercad™ and Autodesk® Fusion 360™ to create and modify a simple CAD design...

Advanced CAD for Manufacturing

Welcome to Advanced CAD: Design and Manufacturing Skills. If you study design or engineering and look to expand your CAD...

Fusion 360 for FIRST Robotics Competitions

To truly collaborate, it must be easy for the entire team to offer input and leverage the digital design. Autodesk®...
Engineering, Industrial Design

Advanced CAD: Engineering Skills for Designers

It's increasingly important for a designer to understand how parts are made, assembled, and simulated to better identify areas to...

Advanced CAD: Design Skills for Engineers

There's a greater need for engineers to have experience with complex modeling as we get farther away from traditional manufacturing...
Engineering, Maker

Design a Race Car for F1 in Schools using Fusion 360

The digital manufacturing process is rapidly changing how things get made and how teams work together. Integrated design and manufacturing...

Robotic Arm - Adaptive Modeling Challenge for Mechanical Grab

Robotic Arm - Adaptive Modeling Challenge for Mechanical Grab Prototyping Functional Applied to VEX ROBOTICS Robotic system to work on...
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