Tennis shoe (Dark space)

This a design of a tennis shoe. I call it "Dark space". Check my portfolio, please: And follow me...

Prosthetic cover

A design of a prosthetic cover. Check my portfolio: :D

Bioflex running

A design of a foot prosthesis. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Hubless Wheel BIcycle

The project is done during the college academy and working on the improving the friction of the gear and the...

Smartphone Case

This is a design in which the Smartphone is protected from heavy blows. Este es un diseño en el cual...

Bedroom Interior Design

This is my first interior design. I designed everything on Fusion 360. I took a render on Fusion 360. It...

Swoodl Stool

Stool maked with Autodesk Inventor
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