Red Drawers Closet

This closet is design with red drawers to make a contrast with the wood grain. Of course the color can...

Top Kitchen Cabinets

These are the kitchen top cabinets, it is intended to build them in 15mm melamine.

White Closet

This colset design is based in four modules, first one is where clothes are hang, second one are the drawers,...

Mahogany Dressing Table

I want to keep it simple, as you can see, this design does´not have any strange miter cut just 90°...

Tennis shoe (Dark space)

This a design of a tennis shoe. I call it "Dark space". Check my portfolio, please: And follow me...

Prosthetic cover

A design of a prosthetic cover. Check my portfolio: :D

Bioflex running

A design of a foot prosthesis. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Hubless Wheel BIcycle

The project is done during the college academy and working on the improving the friction of the gear and the...

Smartphone Case

This is a design in which the Smartphone is protected from heavy blows. Este es un diseño en el cual...

Bedroom Interior Design

This is my first interior design. I designed everything on Fusion 360. I took a render on Fusion 360. It...

Swoodl Stool

Stool maked with Autodesk Inventor
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