Seas Hills Resort

Private Apartments in Seas Hills Resort in Alexandria, Egypt BIM LOD 300

Modern Chess Set

white and black modern styled chess set including the following pieces: King, Queen, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Pawn


DESIGN INSPIRATION The inspiration for design was derived from Sci-Fi movies robots. In order to achieve the balance between a...

NZ Castle

The project objective is to develop the skills related to architectural design using Revit 2018


A warm cabin to rest and relax in on a cold, snowy weather.


The project consists of three main sections and the first section, the main building, which contains a special section of...

Masjed Design

The project is a small mosque has been designed on an area of 400 square meters and consists of three...

Exhibition center

The project has designed with Revit program and it's my project in architecture school. The project consists of two halls...

Hotel & Stadium

Hotel of 30 Floors on front of nile which have a new structure and new design Stadium Which have a...
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