Generative Design

Engineering, Manufacturing

3-Axis Machining using Fusion 360

As our machining geometry gets more complicated, Fusion 360 is up to the task! With a host of standard and...
Generative Design

Generative Design for Manufacturing Expert Certification Prep

Hiring managers are looking for professionals with generative design skills to help propel their organizations forward. Gain these skills while...

Bicycle Frame Generative Design

Using generative design in Fusion 360 to optimize pre-existing bicycle grame design.

Mobile Robot with Generative design legs

I have made a mobile robot using generative design technology.

Generative Bracket Design

A bracket which is created by using generative design. Used for lifting sheet metal parts.

Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining for Milling

Future-proof your skills for today’s evolving industry. Manufacturing technology is more accessible than ever to startups and next generation entrepreneurs...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Multi-Axis CNC Toolpaths

Computer Numerical Controlled machines, or CNC for short, can have a nearly endless number of options. Most machines today control...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Creating Toolpaths for a CNC Lathe

CNC machines come in an almost endless array of configurations for various applications. So far, we have only talked about...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Part Consolidation

Understand how generative design can lead to improved performance. Learn how to use generative design to reduce the mass of...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Industrial Applications

Design is rarely a perfectly linear and straightforward process. This course explores a design for a traditional manufacturing method and...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Improved Performance and Weight Reduction

There are many considerations and factors that play a part in designing a new product, besides cost. Advanced engineering practices...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing

Expand your skillset to stay at forefront of industry trends. Dive into the common applications of generative design—additive manufacturing or...

Generative design of rocker bogie mechanism

Rovers will continue to play an important role in planetary exploration.NASA recently started an ambitious exploration program of Mars.Future rovers...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Introduction to Generative Design for Manufacturing

Generative design is a new workflow that generates high-performing design alternatives with optimized geometry that is often far removed from...

Modelando embalagem para garrafa com Generative Design

Apresentar um estudo de caso de uma embalagem para garrafa com as ferramentas Generative Design no Fusion 360.

Drone x

this drone is inspired by the drone xvein, to bring more flexibility and user experience. he combines beauty and passion.

Differential Mount(Generative Design)

Optimized a component from 433g to 109g keeping the strength same as the unoptimized component using Generative Design.
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