Generative Design

Generative design of rocker bogie mechanism

Rovers will continue to play an important role in planetary exploration.NASA recently started an ambitious exploration program of Mars.Future rovers...

S - Park Milano | First World Smart Park 4.0

S - Park is the project that won the competition of ideas launched by Forma Mentis Trainig Center Milan as...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Introduction to Generative Design

In this course, we’ll set up, generate, and explore generative design outcomes and post process generative designs. Generative design is...

Modelando embalagem para garrafa com Generative Design

Apresentar um estudo de caso de uma embalagem para garrafa com as ferramentas Generative Design no Fusion 360.

Drone x

this drone is inspired by the drone xvein, to bring more flexibility and user experience. he combines beauty and passion.

Differential Mount(Generative Design)

Optimized a component from 433g to 109g keeping the strength same as the unoptimized component using Generative Design.
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