ratchet pawl mechanism

Just try it out on my side for some practice


BLDC,propeller and mounting design in fusion 360

Robotic foot

Design robotic foot in fusion 360

Combat robot

war robot

Design Of Robotic Arm With Holonomic Drive

Robotic arm with holonomic drive in fusion 360

Arc Reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor Design in Fusion 360

Pocket Knife

Project led by Howard Autodesk Ambassador to learn more about rendering. The task was to CAD a pocket knife and...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers

The foundation of engineering design is often coupled with validation. Simulation is a great tool that allows engineers to test,...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers

There are many considerations that play a part in engineering a new product. Regardless of what that product is, there...


I built it because I needed to design in a 3D printer.

Design and Production of a Wall Mounted Desk

This project produces multiple designs of wall mounted desks for carpentry fabricators with the aim of maximizing limited floor spaces...



Generative design

aerospace transport and hyperloop

design Car N

Given the progress of electric vehicle technology and autonomous driving, we must think differently about the details of the design,...

3D Printer

This is the end result of the 3D Printer course series. I really enjoyed to model this printer along the...

Automotive Design

I took this course from Autodesk Design Academy to model this car: Design Visualization using Fusion 360 and Sketchbook

Micro drone autodesk academy

Matt's micro drone course. I designed a lighter landing pad.

Fender Telecaster

I went back to re-texture and re-render a model of a Fender Telecaster I made and originally rendered in Fusion 360.

Civic Center Chittagong : CCC

I chose this project to design a land mark for my city, also to present the city and it's local...
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