Fender Telecaster

I went back to re-texture and re-render a model of a Fender Telecaster I made and originally rendered in Fusion 360.

Civic Center Chittagong : CCC

I chose this project to design a land mark for my city, also to present the city and it's local...

The Lord Timepieces - Legacy Watch

I modeled this watch about a year ago in Fusion360 from reference images courtesy of Lord Timepieces. I rendered it...

Project Gardenia

Project developed for "Moon Camp - Category 2", offered by autodesk, in partnership with EESA and Airbus. the goal was...


Speaker with a curved front face and surround sound distribution.

Voronoi Patterned Lampshade

A Voronoi diagram is sometimes also known as a Dirichlet tessellation, it has widespread applications in geophysics, meteorology, and generative...

Ferrari 288 GTO and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

The red Ferrari 288 GTO stands elegantly next to a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

MiG-21 Fishbed

The MiG-21 Fishbed is the most produced jet-powered combat aircraft in the world and has a very beautiful delta wing...

Tap knob

Designed New Tap Konb

tap handal

It is manaly found in the water tap . It is made up of steel or other many material ...

Cap Tap Handle

Better Grip, Have a stylish Surface Finish As well as soft curved edges.


GimBed is an innovative bed design for geriatric or bedbound patients. It designed by an interdisciplinary group in "Design for...


Designed a helicopter for a class assignment

Wooden Ergonomic Chair

I have completed this project by using Fusion 360. this is a wooden chair with ergonomic design and environment friendly...


Synthesis is a virtual environment designed for robotics teams to test and experiment with their ideas without needing physical access...

DRSL-302 Table Saw

A group project

Islamic cultural Center, Wuppertal, Germany

A vibrant center of uniting the Muslims population of Elberfeld, Germany, with a diverse socio-cultural background, to find their common...

Hubless Wheel BIcycle

The project is done during the college academy and working on the improving the friction of the gear and the...

Watch Design

A simple watch design that I have from a while ago. Modeled in Fusion 360 and Rendered in KeyShot 7PRO...
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