CNC Routable CO2 Car

This car design was made as part of the Project Lead the Way CIM curriculum by using both Inventor HSM...

Design For Social Impact Challenge

My Submission for the Design for Social Impact Challenge YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1DjAEyKOFM


Introducing the BISON X. A concept bike made from bottom to top using Fusion 360 . 4 In-line twin turbocharged...


OPEN MRI MACHINE is totally robot control machine that can orient in direction and position according to required application.


Introduction to CAD for Engineers

Motion Study Piston - Fusion 360

Uf... Finally i finish the model and the assembled of my piston, i tried to make an animation but in...

Piston + biela + Cigueñal

Diseño completo, pendiente únicamente la animación del mecanismo. Arq. Werner Palencia Escuela Técnica Superior KINAL Guatemala

Pistón + Biela

Continuando con el modelo publicado con anterioridad: http://academy.autodesk.com/portfolios/gallery-design?gal_id=609 Ahora hemos agregado la biela y estamos en proceso de modelado del...

Table Roller

I needed to make a roller for a design a table that need a roller. so i show the model...

Mecanismos Theo Jansen

Ensayos de movimientos del Diseño de Theo Jansen

Diseño mecánico

Modelado inicial de pistón; se generara un modelo general con cigueñal, biela y pistón para analizar el funcionamiento y demostrar...
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