Spring-flex foot

A foot prosthesis from American Prosthetic Components Inc. Check my portfolio:

3D Printing foot prosthesis

A foot prosthesis from Mecuris company. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

E-PRF10 Walker

A prosthetic foot by e-life international Co. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Pneumatic foot

A design of a pneumatic foot. :) Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Bioflex running

A design of a foot prosthesis. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Element prosthetic foot

This is a foot prosthesis from the Fillauer company. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Running blades

Running blades are specialized prosthesis for running used by paralympics athletes. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Foot Prosthesis

This is my version of a design of a foot prosthesis from the company Mercuris, which is dedicated to the...

Foot prosthesis

A fiber carbon foot prosthesis.
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