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The 3D Printing / Design Group focuses on 3d printing and CAD/CAM design.

Entrance Booth

A creative design of a modern entrance booth with a face recognition interface and a sanitation system.
Civil Engineering, Engineering

Cert Prep for Autodesk Certified Professional: Civil 3D for Infrastructure Design

Prove to potential employers that you’re up to the task by becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional. This online course from...

CNC Routable CO2 Car

This car design was made as part of the Project Lead the Way CIM curriculum by using both Inventor HSM...
Engineering, Maker, Manufacturing, Product Design

Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is intended for those age 13 and above. Autodesk® Tinkercad™ may be used by children under 13 with parental consent.

Principles of Sustainable Design

The principles of sustainable design are integral to all stages of the design and build process and can drive innovation,...


Speaker with a curved front face and surround sound distribution.

computer table

Computer table to fill the room
Engineering, Industrial Design, Maker, Manufacturing, Product Design, STEAM, Sustainability

Fusion 360 Integrated CAD/CAM/CNC: How to create a cell phone case

This curriculum will not be monitored after June 30, 2021. You can continue to download these educational materials until that...

Tapper Pin Press

A clamping tool press that removes taper pins from tubes and joints.

3D Project for a Cafè Racer trasformation

In this thesis we will exhibited the work aimed at designingaesthetic components that will replace the original parts of a...



Half Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

<p>i dont have render programme. and very bad render :(</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>EN: Important that these times of energy... be&nbsp;important energy efficiency. And&nbsp;types...
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