Automotive Design

I took this course from Autodesk Design Academy to model this car: Design Visualization using Fusion 360 and Sketchbook


this project describes a robot that competed in the First Robotics Competition

Valve Matrix

This design is about food factory and process engineering. This valve matrix feeds 8 different tanks(6 active 2 future tanks)...

bedroom views

A Bedroom View was modelled in 3ds Max during leaning the software. the space is is modelled showing day time...


Speaker with a curved front face and surround sound distribution.

A Bridge

Actually, this was an object which is taught by me in a workshop in 2 days for undergraduate students in...

Voronoi Patterned Lampshade

A Voronoi diagram is sometimes also known as a Dirichlet tessellation, it has widespread applications in geophysics, meteorology, and generative...

Ferrari 288 GTO and Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

The red Ferrari 288 GTO stands elegantly next to a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Seas Hills Resort

Private Apartments in Seas Hills Resort in Alexandria, Egypt BIM LOD 300


Designed a helicopter for a class assignment

computer table

Computer table to fill the room

Room modeling

Student work of Room modeling


Educational Modeling

Robo-dog of stone

Educational project of conceptual modelling and texturing of creatures model.

Islamic cultural Center, Wuppertal, Germany

A vibrant center of uniting the Muslims population of Elberfeld, Germany, with a diverse socio-cultural background, to find their common...

Model Mini-barn for Education Development

Pine wood model mini-barn designed to assist in education of architectural functions of Fusion 360.



Analysis of Earthen Dam

Under the subject of Dams and Hydraulics structures for B.E. Civil (Savitribai Phule Pune University), we were required to conduct...
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