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The 3D Printing / Design Group focuses on 3d printing and CAD/CAM design.

Coffee Mug

This is the mug I use everyday

Theater, Library and Office Building in Jakarta

The site has two buildings that carry a simple concept. The main building is a performance building using a wide...

Hotel And Concert Hall in Nunukan Island, North Kalimantan, Indonesia

A Design of Hotel and Concert Hall by architecture student from Pancasila University (Universitas Pancasila , Indonesia), with the implementation...

MSI Chair

This chair is is developed using Regenerative design technique. The main purpose of this project was to apply regenerative design...

Rim design for mountain bikes

Had an idea and executed it not perfect bcuz i am beginner so trying something new...


Pocket Lighter designed by Tech-Smith at CAD Institute.

Animation intro

What about this one? :') by using Blender 2.8 Actually this is for my intro Hope you guys like it...

Wind turbine

Small scale wind turbine that can be used for 3D printing. With all its parts and easy to build.

Motor en V 4 cilindros

Este es un pequeño motor rescatado de planos en francés muy antiguos gracias a la Universidad de Zaragoza. No sabemos...
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Students of MIT Pune's group


I have designed a drone for my a level project
Engineering, Manufacturing

Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers

The foundation of engineering design is often coupled with validation. Simulation is a great tool that allows engineers to test,...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers

There are many considerations that play a part in engineering a new product. Regardless of what that product is, there...

Design and Production of a Wall Mounted Desk

This project produces multiple designs of wall mounted desks for carpentry fabricators with the aim of maximizing limited floor spaces...

Automotive Design

I took this course from Autodesk Design Academy to model this car: Design Visualization using Fusion 360 and Sketchbook


this project describes a robot that competed in the First Robotics Competition

Valve Matrix

This design is about food factory and process engineering. This valve matrix feeds 8 different tanks(6 active 2 future tanks)...

bedroom views

A Bedroom View was modelled in 3ds Max during leaning the software. the space is is modelled showing day time...
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