I have designed a drone for my a level project


Geez! Just a QuadCopter. I don't have much to say.

Dragonman MK1 drone

This is a prototype design of my very first fpv drone. The frame design was from scratch and all components...

Micro drone autodesk academy

Matt's micro drone course. I designed a lighter landing pad.

Circular foldable drone

Circular foldable drone
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Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is intended for those age 13 and above. Autodesk® Tinkercad™ may be used by children under 13 with parental consent.

Drone Penta-Motor

Diseño en 2D de un Drone con 5 hélices. Donde son 4 laterales y 1 en el centro. Proyecto para...

Unmanned Concept Drone- A Tricopter

Concept UAV- A Tri-copter, which can move on the surface as a vehicle, and can also fly as a Drone.
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