Red Drawers Closet

This closet is design with red drawers to make a contrast with the wood grain. Of course the color can...

First Car prototype

Well here ir my first try making a car concept '' super car'' hahah

Rubber Tire

Designed a rubber tire for motor vehicle using techniques of Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Engineering, Maker, Manufacturing, Product Design

Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is intended for those age 13 and above. Autodesk® Tinkercad™ may be used by children under 13 with parental consent.

Principles of Sustainable Design

The principles of sustainable design are integral to all stages of the design and build process and can drive innovation,...

Tennis shoe (Dark space)

This a design of a tennis shoe. I call it "Dark space". Check my portfolio, please: And follow me...
Engineering, Industrial Design, Product Design

Principles of Design Thinking

Design thinking is a problem-solving framework that is transforming fields from entertainment to international development. In this beginner-level course, you'll...

Bioflex running

A design of a foot prosthesis. Check my portfolio: ​​​ ​

Voronoi Chairs

A voronoi design for chairs in different materials.

Advanced CAD: Design Skills for Engineers

There's a greater need for engineers to have experience with complex modeling as we get farther away from traditional manufacturing...

G+2P+12 Building project

G+2P+12 Commercial Residential project. On LOD-300 (Only modelling) for Structure & Architecture major elements only. E.g. in STR - Raft,...

Gear Lamp

A mechanical take on a lamp using gears, springs and all things mechanical

Oto (otoscope)

The model is a fresh new look on how the current medical device known as an otoscope could look like...

Islamic cultural Center, Wuppertal, Germany

A vibrant center of uniting the Muslims population of Elberfeld, Germany, with a diverse socio-cultural background, to find their common...
2 members
Group for collaboration students from Brno University of Technology.

Watch Design

A simple watch design that I have from a while ago. Modeled in Fusion 360 and Rendered in KeyShot 7PRO...

Gougle Beach House

A creative design idea as I learned the program.
Architectural Engineering, Architecture, Construction Management, Engineering, STEAM, Sustainability

Pre-fab Green Cabin Challenge

Good news! You’ve received an unexpected inheritance from a distant relative, and it’s just enough money to build your dream...
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