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The 3D Printing / Design Group focuses on 3d printing and CAD/CAM design.

House type 36 m2

House Type 36m2


i design in solidworks CAD software .
Architectural Engineering, Engineering

Introduction to Structural Analysis

Structural engineers design and analyze buildings, bridges, power plants, electrical towers, dams, and other large structures that're essential to life...

car deign

my first time to model a car using fusion 360

Red MDF CNC Router

With this project i´m going to start in the diy cnc router world, want to learn a lot about this...

Pocket Knife

Project led by Howard Autodesk Ambassador to learn more about rendering. The task was to CAD a pocket knife and...

spherux lighting design

Aula de AutoCAD 3D

Tesla Model S

Making a remake and remixed version of the Tesla Model S

Pasarela Peatonal y Ciclo Vía

Concurso de Diseño, Propuesta

Drawers, mirror and shoe rack

This project, is about build these three modules in white melamine and walnut for the drawer fronts.

Vanity table

The intention is to build the vanity table in 18mm MDF painted in white and the legs in ash wood.

Baby Crib

This design pretend to be the bed of a man, a woman or both, from a small kid to an...

Girl Bedroom makeover

This is a girl bedroom makeover, in a very tiny room, in the end, the design change a little, but...

Small Kitchen

Small kitchen for a small department, this kitchen has five modules in total.

Sliding Doors Closet

This Sliding doors closet it is a proposal to build it in a gap inside the wall, it has a...


My Sci-Fi Machine Gun

Small Closet

Small closet for small rooms

Pantry Modul

Pantry design to look amazing in any kitchen.


This kitchen design is designed in five upper cabinets, which will store food and dishes. This design is for a...


This bookcase is designed to storage any kind of books from novel to thriller.

Baby Dresser

Which color is your favorite? This baby dresser in different colors and materials, the end result is built in white...

Red Drawers Closet

This closet is design with red drawers to make a contrast with the wood grain. Of course the color can...
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