G+2P+12 Building project

G+2P+12 Commercial Residential project. On LOD-300 (Only modelling) for Structure & Architecture major elements only. E.g. in STR - Raft,...

Gear Lamp

A mechanical take on a lamp using gears, springs and all things mechanical

Oto (otoscope)

The model is a fresh new look on how the current medical device known as an otoscope could look like...

Islamic cultural Center, Wuppertal, Germany

A vibrant center of uniting the Muslims population of Elberfeld, Germany, with a diverse socio-cultural background, to find their common...
2 members
Group for collaboration students from Brno University of Technology.

Watch Design

A simple watch design that I have from a while ago. Modeled in Fusion 360 and Rendered in KeyShot 7PRO...

Gougle Beach House

A creative design idea as I learned the program.

From Sketch to 3D model : Salt Shaker Design Process

Here is a salt Shaker shaker I have designed, it has a glass bottle, a wooden cork, and a ceramic...


The project of establishing a complex of government departments is one of the important and necessary projects that have begun...

Modular Shelter for Life - Design for Social Impact

Design a Sustainable Housing Shelter What is a Modular Shelter for Life? An MSL is a comfortable shelter space, flexible...

Urban Development for Marka District

Urban development project for Marka district in Jordan, solving urban problems and develop the study region according to the needs...


Introducing the BISON X. A concept bike made from bottom to top using Fusion 360 . 4 In-line twin turbocharged...

Elevated Mobility Concept Design - Allianz Super Human Sports

Challenge: high mobility concept design - Allianz Our society is increasingly accessible; adapting to people with different abilities. Extreme sports...


Lampada Eclisse - Vico Magistretti

Wash Station

theThe Project Idea is to minimise problem related to the Water in poor Communities such as "Diepsloot" in Africa. The...


OPEN MRI MACHINE is totally robot control machine that can orient in direction and position according to required application.

Light Fixture - Living Room

The project published here is intended to create a luminaire to be placed in an office bacada or in a...

High Heel Design

Fusion 360 modeling training.

Los Angeles Metro Station

MTA of LA Metro future Metro Station located in Los Angeles, CA.

R.O.C Towers

“I'm Th Reflection Of The Community ,” The Pure Community The Makes Our New Context Of Amman , Supported With...
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