Mercedes Benz G 900

Mercedes Benz G 900 car Modeled for rendering using Autodesk Fusion 360.

car deign

my first time to model a car using fusion 360

BMW Series Coupe 1 2008 Car

Surface Modelling on Fusion 360. Find Fusion CAD file here:

Tesla Model S

Making a remake and remixed version of the Tesla Model S

home car


First Car prototype

Well here ir my first try making a car concept '' super car'' hahah

Autodesk Formula canopy course

First Autodesk academy course. I think I like mi design more than Matt's hahaha

Back to the Future Delorean Model

I wanted to challenge myself to some surface modelling, so I decided to model the Delorean from the original Back...

Dream in Red

Dream in Red is my first project in MAYA 2018 with Arnold render

Wooden Toy Car

I came up with a design for a wooden toy car, that can be character in a cartoon movie.

Car Design Speedrun 2 - Using Autodesk Fusion 360 - sports car

Car Design Speedrun 1 - Using Autodesk Fusion 360 - sports car

Introduction to Engineering Graphics and Visualization for Design

Engineering drawings are a universal language for engineers. They're how engineers communicate. So, it's very important to know how to...


Introducing the BISON X. A concept bike made from bottom to top using Fusion 360 . 4 In-line twin turbocharged...

Ergonomic seat for cars + interior redesign for onroad employees

Project for my studies. Updated seat with confortable extras Redesigned interior, based on Mercedes Class B

Future Autonomous car

Project based in Autopista 2017 contest (spanish automotive magazine) Full autonomous car without wheel, innovative wheels and stearing system. Interior...



Independent Suspension Design for Pickup Trucks

Independent Suspension Axle System for off road heavy cars such as pick up trucks and passenger cars with 4WD


Roadster body and wheels designed and rendered in Fusion 360

Sport Car v 4

Tried combining Fusion360 with Photoshop for more realistic rendering. #Autodesk #Fusion360 #Adobe #Photoshop #SportsCar #Car #3dRendering .

Futuristic F1 Car

This project was intended for Autodesk's Industry Design Challenge : Design for Automotive. But unfortunately it wasn't uploaded on time...
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