Automobile Design

From forms to perfection, bringing my imagination to reality. My first #Automobiledesign, modelled and rendered with Autodesk Fusion360. I was...

Assistive Device for RA patient

The project was to develop RA friendly AT to help people having RA using Hand Pump in the village region

UV Based Automatic Gate

The UV Based automatic gate was designed looking mean to fight and stop the spread of COVID-19.


An optimized desktop 3D-Printer, with model and assemble of all X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis and Extruder.

Design Of IT Tech Park

This Project Deals With The Architectural And Landscape Design. It is build include of offices, restaurants, Commercial Halls

Personal Aerial Vehicle

This is an Aerial vehicle designed by me. The project is made to design for the two passengers. Research has...


BLDC,propeller and mounting design in fusion 360

Robotic foot

Design robotic foot in fusion 360

Combat robot

war robot

Design Of Robotic Arm With Holonomic Drive

Robotic arm with holonomic drive in fusion 360

Arc Reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor Design in Fusion 360

Motor en V 4 cilindros

Este es un pequeño motor rescatado de planos en francés muy antiguos gracias a la Universidad de Zaragoza. No sabemos...

Pocket Knife

Project led by Howard Autodesk Ambassador to learn more about rendering. The task was to CAD a pocket knife and...

Generative design

aerospace transport and hyperloop

computer room

In this project that we are going to create the computer room in a revit software the clear specifications are...

g+2 building drawing

In this project we have drawn the revit model by using the different types of libraries and families for creating...

design Car N

Given the progress of electric vehicle technology and autonomous driving, we must think differently about the details of the design,...

Civic Center Chittagong : CCC

I chose this project to design a land mark for my city, also to present the city and it's local...

The Lord Timepieces - Legacy Watch

I modeled this watch about a year ago in Fusion360 from reference images courtesy of Lord Timepieces. I rendered it...

MiG-21 Fishbed

The MiG-21 Fishbed is the most produced jet-powered combat aircraft in the world and has a very beautiful delta wing...
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