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Preliminary Study Cultural and leisure equipment in historical preservation area



Desing Together

Desing Together competition projects


House kitchen

Social Mass Housing For Smart Cities

As per 2011 census india`s population has swollen up to1210.98 million Given the facts that 31.6 % of this population...

BIM to fabrication for conceptual design

In this project you will connect 3D BIM modeling with fabrication methods like CnC milling, 3D printing, and laser cutting.
Construction Management

BIM for Construction Management and Planning

Learn how BIM tools can be used throughout the building lifecycle, beyond the design and documentation.

Introduction to BIM

Learn basic modeling techniques for Building Information Modeling (BIM), including building elements, building envelope, curtain systems, interiors and circulation, and...
Architectural Engineering

BIM: Integrated Project Delivery

Learn how BIM tools can be used to support an integrated project delivery approach by exploring how to create a...

BIM: Intermediate Modeling

Learn how to use BIM effectively within the design process, including area and space planning, using design options, and moving...
Architectural Engineering

BIM: Structural Engineering Analysis

Explore how Building Information Modeling is used across your structural workflow and will help you design, analyze, and document your...
Architectural Engineering

BIM: Multidisciplinary Coordination

In this project, students will learn how BIM tools can be used to support a multidisciplinary design process. They will...

Computational design for BIM

Computational Design for BIM is an intelligent model-based process that provides a framework for negotiating and influencing the interrelation of...

BIM: Advanced Computational Design

Advanced Computational Design for BIM provides an in-depth look at creating Dynamo graphs to parametrically control and generate Revit elements...

Architecture and Games

Created for Autodesk by David Robert Donatucci, Art Director at Double Helix Games ( ) in California. David has...

Fundamentals of Architecture

This project covers the fundamentals of architecture and the associated software skills.
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