R.O.C Towers

“I'm Th Reflection Of The Community ,” The Pure Community The Makes Our New Context Of Amman , Supported With...


Ismail Abu-Doush an architecture student at the University of Jordan, my design is a hotel in jerash, my inspiration came...

mediterranean Marine Research Center

it's a project with various activities ( research center & awareness center ) aims of the project :- 1-save rare...

Mall Of Ankara

Mall Of Ankara it'll be the biggest commercial center in Ankara, Turkey it's about 180000m2 Square meter. the architecture engineering:...




Self-designed passenger vehicle.


Exhaust air duct platform

Solvent Tank

Solvent Tank with complex components

Chemical Tank

Chemical tank supproted by steel structure section

DAF Mixer

Making complex profiles by using aytodesk acad 2017


Stailess steel tank 3d modeling by using autodesk acad 2017 and making profiles of all components to be cut through...

Fatory Truss

Making steel structure truss of spal 30M by using autodesk acad 3d

Steel Structure Building

using autodesk acad in drawing all components of steel structure building to facilitate of imagination

Exhaust Air Duct

using autodesk acad in making plattened pattern of complex surface by using isolines tool and spline tool which enable us...

Steel Structure Platform

Steel structure building supported in roof and wall of manufacturing building

Exhaust Air Duct

using autocad program in plattening complex shapes after converting 2d drawing to 3d drawing then using isolines tool in the...


Tank for solvent recovery plant


The project consists of three main sections and the first section, the main building, which contains a special section of...

Masjed Design

The project is a small mosque has been designed on an area of 400 square meters and consists of three...

Exhibition center

The project has designed with Revit program and it's my project in architecture school. The project consists of two halls...
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