Architecture Design Revit Modeling

Proposed Office Design

Office Facility Managment with 3D Model.

House two levels with Revit 2018

The project is to develop skills related to architectural design using Revit 2018


"Connecting the traditional style of building in Amman with the modern style...And the most important thing that recognize this type...

Adaptive Planting

應用自適應元件創造皮層,使皮層達到可以自行發電、收集雨水以及回應環境 當周邊環境產生變化時,皮層會由不同的角度回應微氣候

Projetos - 3D Maquetes Eletrônicas

Por atuar também como Designer Gráfico, procuro em meus projetos, alinhar as diretrizes sempre voltada para a máxima realidade e...

Anylogic Study and Training

Go through and demonstrate what a wonderful computer simulation software -- AnyLogic can help in Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector...
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