Recreational Center

Creating a recreational space for the public in mid of town.

camouflage tea cup amusement park ride

Red, Black, white and light grey colored camouflage tea cup amusement park ride attraction

Proposed House Design

House Design using Revit

Proposed Lab Design

Lab design with Revit.

Proposed Lab Design

Lab design with Revit.

Space travel - LUNARFAB

under development

Hubless Wheel BIcycle

The project is done during the college academy and working on the improving the friction of the gear and the...

Model Mini-barn for Education Development

Pine wood model mini-barn designed to assist in education of architectural functions of Fusion 360.

Sushi restaurant

My own original restaurant design layout, includes the following: 1 person bar seating area 2 person floor seating area 4...


My own design of a yin and yang styled ring


This wall-e a movie character made in fusion 360.



Wooden Toy Car

I came up with a design for a wooden toy car, that can be character in a cartoon movie.

Home Water saving

The project idea is to show for everyone in the planet, how we can save water with a simple way...

Nalanda Collage Auditorium

Auditorium Design with 700 Seats.

Building Technology & Materials

Just a simple plan, the very first one that I made in my Civil Engineering. This is the most memorable...

Analysis of Earthen Dam

Under the subject of Dams and Hydraulics structures for B.E. Civil (Savitribai Phule Pune University), we were required to conduct...

Design For Social Impact Challenge

My Submission for the Design for Social Impact Challenge YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1DjAEyKOFM

NZ Castle

The project objective is to develop the skills related to architectural design using Revit 2018
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