Automobile Design

From forms to perfection, bringing my imagination to reality. My first #Automobiledesign, modelled and rendered with Autodesk Fusion360. I was...

4 Bedroom House

Nice landscape , Large Hall area and 4 ensuite bedrooms - this is the ultimate house that everyone dreams of!

Grain Mill Model

a wonderful all-purpose mill for the individual or a family. It is fully adjustable to allow for various types of...

Mold for Threaded Fuel Tank Intake

An i nvestment casting mold & its finished result, a threaded fuel tank intake cylinder . Although it is functional,...

Coffee Mug

This is the mug I use everyday

Project 3d

As lots of people discover - typically by hand! - it could be aggravating unless you perform your research study...

Assistive Device for RA patient

The project was to develop RA friendly AT to help people having RA using Hand Pump in the village region

UV Based Automatic Gate

The UV Based automatic gate was designed looking mean to fight and stop the spread of COVID-19.

House type 36 m2

House Type 36m2

house type 36 m2

house type 36 m2

Art gallery and Concert Hall in Tarakan city

A Design of Art Gallery and Concert Hall in Tarakan City located : Jl. Gajah mada, Karang Rejo, Tarakan Barat...

Theater, Library and Office Building in Jakarta

The site has two buildings that carry a simple concept. The main building is a performance building using a wide...

Hotel And Concert Hall in Nunukan Island, North Kalimantan, Indonesia

A Design of Hotel and Concert Hall by architecture student from Pancasila University (Universitas Pancasila , Indonesia), with the implementation...

Rim design for mountain bikes

Had an idea and executed it not perfect bcuz i am beginner so trying something new...


An optimized desktop 3D-Printer, with model and assemble of all X-Axis, Y-Axis, Z-Axis and Extruder.

Design Of IT Tech Park

This Project Deals With The Architectural And Landscape Design. It is build include of offices, restaurants, Commercial Halls

ratchet pawl mechanism

Just try it out on my side for some practice

Personal Aerial Vehicle

This is an Aerial vehicle designed by me. The project is made to design for the two passengers. Research has...

Prototype of Rail Interface System for AK-47

Prototype of Rail Interface System for AK-47 assault rifle

Planetary system - Sistema epicicloidale

The gear allows you to increase or decrease the revolutions based on where the rotation starts. If the rotation starts...


BLDC,propeller and mounting design in fusion 360

Robotic foot

Design robotic foot in fusion 360
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