BLDC,propeller and mounting design in fusion 360

Robotic foot

Design robotic foot in fusion 360
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Combat robot

war robot

Design Of Robotic Arm With Holonomic Drive

Robotic arm with holonomic drive in fusion 360

Arc Reactor

Iron Man Arc Reactor Design in Fusion 360

Animation intro

What about this one? :') by using Blender 2.8 Actually this is for my intro Hope you guys like it...

Wind turbine

Small scale wind turbine that can be used for 3D printing. With all its parts and easy to build.

Part from lead casting machine

Measure and design a part from a lead casting machine for construction purpose

Motor en V 4 cilindros

Este es un pequeño motor rescatado de planos en francés muy antiguos gracias a la Universidad de Zaragoza. No sabemos...

Sports car design

customized design of Audi R8

How to write good content?

If you want to create an educational website, where students can buy their works (one of example of such a...

Practica de modelo 3D y Render.

Edificio ya construido , practica de un modelo 3D y render de 10 min.

Pocket Knife

Project led by Howard Autodesk Ambassador to learn more about rendering. The task was to CAD a pocket knife and...
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Students of MIT Pune's group


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Nowadays lots of students is here who is very trouble about the writing problems because they do not have good skills and knowledge.


I have designed a drone for my a level project
Engineering, Manufacturing

Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers

The foundation of engineering design is often coupled with validation. Simulation is a great tool that allows engineers to test,...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers

There are many considerations that play a part in engineering a new product. Regardless of what that product is, there...
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