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Saint Michael's College
Saint Michael's College is a liberal arts and sciences undergraduate school. All of Saint Michael's students live on campus and can choose from 32 majors. The Office of Accessibility Services helps students with disabilities "by educating them about their rights so that they can independently advocate and make choices to meet or exceed the academic standards expected of them." Eligible students meet with Director to plan their courses and work on strategies for success. Students can also make use of peer tutoring services, study skills advising, research help, and the Writing Center.
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Heading to college can be an exciting time, but all of the changes can also be overwhelming for some students. For those with special needs, there may be some fear about a post-secondary education without the same supports received in high school. While reasonable accommodations are required by law, there are some schools that go beyond those requirements by offering special programs for students with disabilities. Here are four colleges in Vermont that offer such programs.