Product Design Course Series

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Specialize in product design

Have you ever wondered how every day products are made? Product designers create, design, and manufacture an array of consumer goods and household items. These designs require a human-centered mindset--empathizing with the user, defining the problem, ideating, concept sketching, prototyping, and manufacturing at scale.
Progress through this course series to learn the skills you need to get started as a product designer. This course series introduces you to Autodesk Fusion 360, a cloud-based CAD/CAM tool product designers use to design, engineer, and manufacture in one comprehensive package. 

Starter project

Before you enroll in our course series, consider starting with a project. This project guides you through the design of a smartphone case in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. 

Starting from square one? We also have Fusion 360 tutorial videos that walk you through the building blocks of Fusion 360's CAD/CAM features. 

Start the project
Begin with an introductory course.

"Introduction to Fusion 360: Design a Lamp in an Hour" teaches you the software to get started as a product designer.

Progress to a course in product design.

"Product Design: Introduction to CAD" explores how CAD software influences product form and function.

Finally, learn a core design principle.

"Product Design: User-Centered Design" applies your product design knowledge to the user-centered design process.