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TV Stand

Complex Assembly Model of a TV stand


The following tyre design is a concept of a tyre having multiple layers within. Just as in the case of...

285/35 R21 Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge Wheel

This is a 3D model of Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge. A360 link to preview the model: https://a360.co/2RpCA8c


Plataforma petrolera con taludes gaviones y cálculos de materiales

Foldable bench

Prototype of a folding bench made by hand


Rendering of bedrooms by day and by night

Prototype of Rail Interface System for AK-47

Prototype of Rail Interface System for AK-47 assault rifle

Planetary system - Sistema epicicloidale

The gear allows you to increase or decrease the revolutions based on where the rotation starts. If the rotation starts...

wood clamp

To enable me clamp our wood

Hopper Feeder

Huge hopper feeder to help raw products descharging


i am Designer i am working on cad 3ds max

Introduction to CAD : Learn Fusion 360 In 90 Minutes

This project concentrates on the design and manufacturing of lighting using simple electronics but with complex and functional part modelling

Develop a bulb fixture using Generative design

A bulb fixture was developed using generative design in fusion 360 for a given setup of fixed height from ceiling...

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Poker Jiwa

SIapa yang tidak gemar bermain Secara Online, apalagi permainan yang dimainkan sangat mudah untuk dimenangkan kesannya seperti tidak membuang waktu...

concept bicycle body

tried this thing for the first time .....there r some proportion mistakes ....will try to improve next time ...... ;))

Introduction to CAD: Learn Fusion 360 in 90 minutes

At the end of this Beginer course i am sharing my Design .

How to find the best reviews?

Hi Friends, As I look ahead to the approaching holiday season, I thought I share a few suggestions for you...

Lar de idosos - São José

Projeto de parque localizado no bairro São José, Campina Grande - PB. Trabalho realizado em 2019 para a disciplina Projeto...