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Generative design

aerospace transport and hyperloop

Concept Table

Educational project. ART renderer

Tutorial Lamp

Lamp designed as a product of the tutorial

Pobble coffee

Designed with Tinkercad and redesigned with fusion 360

Wine Barrel

Barrel for Wine

Pasarela Peatonal y Ciclo Vía

Concurso de Diseño, Propuesta

Flower Pot Stand

Idea to decorate the entrance with flowers, we show many designs and models through internet. Finally we decided to go...

Smart Pen Stand Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing (SM) is a technology-driven approach that utilizes Internet-connected machinery to monitor the production process. The goal of SM...

Drawers, mirror and shoe rack

This project, is about build these three modules in white melamine and walnut for the drawer fronts.

Vanity table

The intention is to build the vanity table in 18mm MDF painted in white and the legs in ash wood.

Baby Crib

This design pretend to be the bed of a man, a woman or both, from a small kid to an...

Girl Bedroom makeover

This is a girl bedroom makeover, in a very tiny room, in the end, the design change a little, but...

Small Kitchen

Small kitchen for a small department, this kitchen has five modules in total.

New gen smart phone

By using Basic skills i have created this model.

London Bridge


Food boiling and electricity generation portable thermal plant

It is the food boiling and electricity generation portable thermal plant which use the heat of combustion of coal.

Layout de Produção

Desenvolvimento de Layout

Bancada reduzida de acessório

Desenvolvimento de projeto para redução de posto

Bancada Suporte Metalico

Projeto para Desenvolvimento de novo produto

Bancada de Montagem Padrão

Desenvolvimento de Projeto Para a Linha Final

Bancada de Parafusamento Padrão.

desenvolvimento de projeto.

Bancada Rastreabilidade

Projeto Para atender novo modelo

Bancada Movel de Prepração do Painel

Projeto para atender novo Modelo.

Bancada de Preparação do Ornamento

Elaboração de uma Bancada para atender novo modelo a ser fabricado.