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Design Challenge - Waterfall Dome

Design: A waterfall house. Design Idea Description: Think of a treehouse...except instead of being high up in a tree, we...

Dungeon Lamp Shade

Just a crazy idea to start learning Fusion 360

Reverse engineering Potain construction crane

I spend my free time to try to reverse engineering a crane, the Potain MDT809 recently released. All by a...


Other example of directly digitally created automotive shape...without paper sketches.... it's not a calsse A surface!...only a digital shape with...

concept gt

Exercise based on the Design Visualization using Fusion 360 and Sketchbook

Futuristic cheap building design

Modern building with visionary view and cheap construction project

Sports car design

customized design of Audi R8

P. Cochnauer Designer

Surface Modeler




3d model of a spacecraft

Lampara Bauhaus años 20

Trabajo final para aplicar los conocimientos adquiridos en el curso "Introduction to CAD: Learn Fusion 360 in 90 minutes". Modelado...

Slow cooker

Slow cooker with four compartments.

Dream House

This home was created using Revit 2020.

Falling Film Evaporator

Product designing is itself a detailed engineering chapter and i have worked for different companies for the development of multiple...


Aerodynamics analysis of REGGIANE2005 WING with Program CFD


a cutter use for heavy duty use in leather plastic thermocol wall paper and other industries

Red MDF CNC Router

With this project i´m going to start in the diy cnc router world, want to learn a lot about this...

Tunnel Formwork Design

Design of Tunnel formwork #precision #Tunnelengineering #construction #autodeskinventor #Inventorprofesional

Photo Realistic Buildin Design

I created this project for my YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeMEkO1U_RZkjb3KgJaMpbA?sub_confirmation=1 ). I am giving you the link for the tutorial...

Simple Spring Assisted Plunger Assembly

Tooling modification design I did professionally for work. Here is a vague description: simple spring assisted plunger assembly designed for...

How to write good content?

If you want to create an educational website, where students can buy their works (one of example of such a...


Designed and rendered foldable orb shaped drone using fusion 360.The reason behind orb shape is to make it easy to...

Mechanic Drawing 3