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Revit Design

BIM Implementation with Revit

Prosthetic Socket

Based on Prosthetic Socket design course by Jamie Billing. Created along the course progres.

The Spine

A modular ergonomic design approach with an ultraportable multipurpose Sitting Tool

National Data Center at Kaliakoir, Bangladesh

Academic Design Research entitled "Incorporating an Interactive Research Environment Into a Secured Data Center at Gazipur".


Interior creation

Pneumatic foot prosthesis Vol. 2.1

Check my portfolio: ​​​ https://jhdezrendon.wixsite.com/caddesign ​

Building Visual III

the building faces the river

A Bridge

Actually, this was an object which is taught by me in a workshop in 2 days for undergraduate students in...

V8 engine

Describes piston and crankshaft arrangement

Pneumatic foot

A design of a pneumatic foot. :) Check my portfolio: ​​​ https://jhdezrendon.wixsite.com/caddesign ​


A sample model of a bioreactor with internal and external features.


Racing drone design

Fastrack watch

Design and rendering of Fastrack watch in Fusion 360.

AGPPI Pobble

First Hand Project

Bioflex running

A design of a foot prosthesis. Check my portfolio: ​​​ https://jhdezrendon.wixsite.com/caddesign ​

Vase Stand


Street Lamp



it is a sofa made for comfort sitting. It is made by good quality cotton,and the fabric used for sofa...

design project of the gym

design project of the gym

Literary Cafe Design

Literary Cafe Design

Alien Headphones Vol. 2.1

An alien headphones design.

The chair of the future

The chair of the future, is a designer chair that would have access to system controls to the entertainment system...