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Client Project with Design Option

project Design with Roof Options

Client Project- Renders

Interior Renders for the project Design

Revit Model -Client Project

Revit Model

Revit client project

Revit Design with BIM implementation.

First Project With Fusion 360

Thank you Autodesk for your udemy course. This course is very helpful for me.

Crawhair (Alpha) - Extreme Wheelchair

The idea is changing wheelchair basics to another level. Allowing people who use wheelchair to contact the world with less...

3D Printer

A group project

Pneumatic Knee prosthesis

A monocentric pneumatic knee prosthesis, with a light cover.

Colorful sockets

Transfemoral sockets of different colors.



Design of the Palace of King

Decorate the palace and all its facilities with a beautiful and delicate design

academic portfolio

My college works on a mini civic centre and a residential cum commercial complex

Running blades

Running blades are specialized prosthesis for running used by paralympics athletes.

Pyramid adapter

Pyramid stainless steel adapter.


It's a design of a bottle with recycled material. A kind of rubber to improve the grip.

Super car

A supercar model with high strength chassis. Designed for the high-speed car. chassis simulated at 4000N buckling force. <No. of...


I modeled this lampshade while i was learning fusion360 also rendered in fusion360


Savunma Sanayisi için kara keşif aracı olarak tasarlandı.


I did this basketball while i was learning fusion360

Hourglass Lamp

Kumların akış enerjisinden yararlanarak ışık kaynağını çalıştırmak amacıyla tasarlandı.


Yaşlanmaya bağlı olarak vücutta fizyolojik ve mental açılardan yetersizlikler, kas kayıpları, denge ve koordinasyon bozuklukları görülmektedir. Bu sebeplerden dolayı yaşlı...


this is the base model of a server that I have designed I hope you like this. please give me...


this is a lift which I have made from scratch and it is lightweight and can carry as many as...