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Tool Post Holder

Cutting tool holder for a lathe

Test Project name

test project description

Avengerz X family

Series of sport sedan cars ... Including new concept of Bat-mobile!!

ASME Design Slam_Rolling Pin

This prompt for this project was titled "The Future of Cooking". This design is of a wooden rolling pin...

product design

pan / futureofcooking


To design a 3d model of a simple skate board

Howard Design Slam: The Future of Cooking

We received The Future of Cooking as the topic of our HU design slam. The rest was up to our...

SolidState Kitcken Fan

A solid State kitchen Fan used when cooking for ventilation and air circulation.

Fusion Design Slam

This is a multi-use device that makes cooking easier. It has a retractable board with cooking surfaces where food can...

Portable, Reversible Blender

This is a preliminary design of a portable, reversible blender that is battery operated. It is reversible because it can...

Work Examples

Examples of Survey related Drawings

Vision GT II family

series of super cars evolving from the legendary Mercedes Vision GT AMG design!!

Eguera Family

series of hypercars sharing the same spirit of Lamborghini prototype

DKG Disc

140mm bike braking disc make

Interior Revit Project

Revit design using enscape

Children bedroom

tis bedroom was designed for two girls of 7 age group. the view was created for showing the bedroom features...

bedroom views

A Bedroom View was modelled in 3ds Max during leaning the software. the space is is modelled showing day time...

1BHK residence

Here I have modelled a 1 BHK residence for client (assumed) for my interior design course.

3 BHK Residence for Mr. Mehmood Memon

This 3 BHK was proposed to Ar. Mehmood memon who wanted to renewate his apartment.

Differential Mount(Generative Design)

Optimized a component from 433g to 109g keeping the strength same as the unoptimized component using Generative Design.

Docking Block

This Dock Block create for heavy equipment unloading purpose.just increase your quantity as per vessel or equipment weight.


This Project is create only for practice purpose.