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This drawing illustrates a drone which is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV). The drones nowadays are made of several electronic components...

Bicycle Frame Generative Design

Using generative design in Fusion 360 to optimize pre-existing bicycle grame design.

Design model of Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge wheel

This is a actual size design model of Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge wheel rim with tyre. The design model...

Mobile Robot with Generative design legs

I have made a mobile robot using generative design technology.

Crane Boom

this is my simple crane boom design

V8 Engine

This is my first project.

Measurable Vegetable Cutter

This is a vegetable cutter equipped with a measuring line. So vegetables can be cut to a uniform size and...

heat exchanger

heat exchanger design can be used to simulate heat transfer and fluid flow

F1 formula

this is just my concept for the world of modeling

Lego wheel

Trying to recreate Lego wheel..

Black Hornet Nano UAV

I have tried to recreate the Black Hornet Nano UAV used by the US Military in Fusion 360.

simple pipe wrench

contruct and assembly of simple pipe wrench

Conveyor Belt

This is assembly of a straight conveyor designed in solidworks


This is a single shoe design in Fusion 360.

Rotary Engine

Wankel rotary engine is a very clever design and far more superior in terms of working simplicity and torque output...

Generative Design based Weldable Mount for a Dual-Pneumatic Forming Tool

A Weldable (Sheet Metal) Design was prepared and validated based upon a generative design for a Pneumatic Forming Tool Mount...

Generative Design for a Lifting Bracket

A design for a lifting bracket was prepared and validated using Autodesk Fusion 360. The material was finalised to Cast...

Lego Brick

My one of first designing exercise in F360.

Generative Bracket Design

A bracket which is created by using generative design. Used for lifting sheet metal parts.

Quad copter Design

A light weight and powerful Quadcopter design, mainly used for personal use and surveillance.

Simple Cuboid

It is 100 mm*100 mm*50 mm solid Cuboid with a centered hole of 15 mm and a depth 50 mm.


O Hospital Ortopédico foi projetado para atender diversos públicos, tais como unidades locais e regionais. Visando o Equilíbrio entre o...


Considerando diversos aspectos, consegue-se identificar o quão importante é o estudo e planejamento para o desenvolvimento de um edifício comercial,...