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Student Project

project for ojt students

Alienware Headphone

Alienware Headphone


QuadC is a Quadcopter that can achieve vertical flight in a manner that can be used to monitor or collect...

Prosthetic cover

A prosthetic leg cover.

turbine , & Air Compressor Combined.

turbine , & Air Compressor Combined.



CASE PRO V5 FIE - VEX ROBOTICS - Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk ®

Make It Real CAD Engineering Challenge Sponsored by Autodesk ® Have you ever wanted a particular component for your robot...

Pyramid adapter

A pyramid adapter of stainless steel


metalic sticker

Client Project

Design Option using Revit

Concept Portable Sandwich Maker

Concept Portable Sandwich Maker with Carbon Fiber Heater

Element prosthetic foot

This is a foot prosthesis from the Fillauer company.

Revit Model Desigm

Low Budget Project Design

Modelo 2


[EN]-[PT/BR] Segment through a river

[PT/BR] Modelo 3D gerado a partir de elementos importados do Civil 3D e ponte desenvolvida no Revit por Guilherme. [EN]...

Shape Optimization - PRO V5 FIE - VEX Robotics

The analysis was an experiment aimed at the application of the topological optimization in a molded and validated component with...

Diamond knurling

One way to knurl an object in Fusion 360...

Transfemoral prosthesis

Una prótesis transfemoral. Un zócalo colorido con válvula de vacío, prótesis neumática de rodilla y una pala de carrera.

3D Printer Details

A group project

Client Renders

Understanding Interior arrangement