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Desenhando com azimute, distância e importando os dados do Excel

Desenhar uma área de implantação por azimute, distâncias e importando os dados de uma planilha do Excel

Lathe Test Part

CAD model of a part manufactured and designed using specifications by client company.

Oscillatory Mechanism

Designing an apparatus that induces vertical cantilevered beam oscillation through links attached to a DC motor.


fosion 360 flange

Pencil Box

Pencil box is used to keep pen and pencils.


Trophy is given to someone who had won the competition.

House in Sangenjaya

House in Sangenjaya

Design visualization

Design visualization with fusion 360, as per the course on Autodesk design academy

Dragonman MK1 drone

This is a prototype design of my very first fpv drone. The frame design was from scratch and all components...

First Car prototype

Well here ir my first try making a car concept '' super car'' hahah

Steel Cable Supported Metal Canopy

Steel Cable Supported Metal Canopy

Machine Vice adjustable stop

A simple design for a stop to allow parts to be located at the same spot in a machine vice...


Design the model in fusion 360 and the render in 3ds max.

Notification monitor and Smart charger

Notification monitor and Smart charger It is simple design for notification devices.


Keyring containing POBBLE MEHRAN written over it.

revit building

it was the first 3d building model of mine by revit 2017 software

Homemade Deckel-SO Tool Grinder copy

Back in the 50's The Deckel SO Single Lip Grinder gave a way of cutting machine tools to precision angles,...


This project involves the design of the NFS( need for speed) most wanted car. I.e., BMW M3 GTR. are you...

Rubber Tire

Designed a rubber tire for motor vehicle using techniques of Computer-Aided Design (CAD)