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Bancada de Preparação de Materiais

Elaboração de bancada para preparação de kit acessórios para a embalem final

Prateleira de Materiais

Foi elaborado uma Prateleira para separação de materiais com maior facilidade

Bancada de Lâminas

Foi Elaborado uma Bancada com rodízios, para a alimentação de lâminas

Bancada e Proteção da Router

Foi elaborado uma bancada para posicionamento de router e juntamente foi elaborado umas proteções de chapa de policarbonato

Bancada de Preparação de Frame

e uma bancada na qual possibilita com maior facilidade a preparação de frames para a produção

XStar - Fusion 360 - CAD and Digital Manufacturing Specialization

Final project for the 3th module in the Fusion 360 specialization in the MOOC "Coursera"

Sliding Doors Closet

This Sliding doors closet it is a proposal to build it in a gap inside the wall, it has a...


My Sci-Fi Machine Gun

CNC Lathe Simulator

This Application is used to simulate how a CNC Lathe works in a Workshop, from the Powering, Fixing the Workpiece,...

Amphibious Board

It is a skateboard that can go on any terrain as well as water which can be used to go...


This is a fast experiment project I did in 2018 to explore VR tools and how they would influence the...


Totem informativo UNIVALLE

Interior Day Light Scene

My new Interior Day Light Scene made it in 3ds max rendered in vray

K2 Black Panther

K2 Black Panther FOR WAR THUNDER.

Night lamp

Night lamp design

Bottle cap

Metal bottle cap Kem piña

computer room

In this project that we are going to create the computer room in a revit software the clear specifications are...

HeadPhones 3D CAD Model

The presented CAD model is a pair of Headphones with the materials Leather, Stainless Steel, Paint(Rough), being used. Designed from...

conceptual design of a company

In this project that we are going to create a conceptual design of a building where we used a different...

interior designing

in this project we have designed that how the interior of the building is drawn with the clear specifications of...

Small Closet

Small closet for small rooms

Pantry Modul

Pantry design to look amazing in any kitchen.


This kitchen design is designed in five upper cabinets, which will store food and dishes. This design is for a...