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Simple pen with USB

Simple pen with USB

House-Finished Container (Bungalow A) *Studio-Type

Look-and-feels like a traditional house, cost-effective, easy to expand and refinish.

Lithium VF F1 in Schools car

Car designed for the F1 in Schools STEM challenge.

Plummer Block

It is a split type of journal bearing. It is used when the speed of the rotating shaft is too...

house render

design for single family house

Office Table Device Organizer

Device docking station for phones and other mobile devices.

Mobile Phone Dock

Mobile Phone dock/stand made of resin and wood.

Prosthetic Design

Prosthetic limb for above knee amputees.


I built it because I needed to design in a 3D printer.

Simple Spoon modeling in Fusion 360

Just a simple spoon modeling in Fusion 360 in less than 3 mins.

HC 3001

"Machines will pet people when the time comes" My human growth capsule design for fun. In tomorrow's world things will...


English: ModularJet is a modular, multi-purpose UAV with two types of power plants and a thrust vector controle. This product...

Product Design Project #1

started with a scan of my arm and used rhino to build an object over it . work in progress

Loteamento La Pesca

Criar loteamentos de mini chácaras visando dar uma área de lazer para pessoas que gostam de ficar na parte rural...


This is a design of a crown for an imaginary ice kingdom.


This is a design of a crown for an imaginary fire kingdom.


Generative design used to make the RIM Rendering using VRED

Rocker rover stair case climber

This mobility is designed to climb the stair case and run on the rough land surface

Moutain bottle

This is a design of a bottle meant for mountaineers and adventurists or anyone else who loves the outdoors. The...

BMW Series Coupe 1 2008 Car

Surface Modelling on Fusion 360. Find Fusion CAD file here: https://grabcad.com/library/series-c-o-u-p-e-1-1

Mobile Stand

Introduction to CAD with Tinkercad and Fusion 360 Assignment1


Simple 3D model size of the model: The outer circle is 4 inch, the inner circle is 3.15 inch and...

Diseño de via_Sabanalarga-San jacinto

Via que comunique el municipio de Sabanalarga con san jacinto


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