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a wireless land-line phone

Mobile Phone

3D Model of Mobile Tenor D


Just a goddamn hammer.

Circular foldable drone

Circular foldable drone


a double wishbone suspension where both wheels are connected to a single sock absorber instead of individual ones. During high...


A project for manufacturing class

Greenhouse project

A greenhouse frame design

Universal clamp

Universal clamp assemble

Office in Lima - Peru

Model in 3dsmax Render with corona www.fotonicastudios.com www.youtube.com/fotonicastudios

Supreme iPhone Case

iPhone case by benji x weez

Drone x

this drone is inspired by the drone xvein, to bring more flexibility and user experience. he combines beauty and passion.

Wind Turbine

One of renewable energy generators which are the most powerful


Sedan car with sportive outlines!!

Avengerz Z family

Series of hyper cars with futuristic looks!!

Xenoticus Family

Series of super cars with weird design styles!!

Hydropower Headworks 3D

3D created automatically from custom made subassembly, fined tuned with AutoCAD 3D modelling.

Chuck glider

A small glider designed for entertainment purposes and as a toy for children. With the ability to be balanced by...

RasySerial Beta

Interface using Serial Port with any device microcontroller. this project under development to future wok


This project created by Seitgazi MAMBET for one Energy Systems Engineering. DIMENSIONS DESIGNED FOR 20X20 3D PRINTER.SO CAN PRİNT for...

Apple iPhone

A model of Apple iPhone using Autodesk Inventor