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Design of Multirotor Quadcopter (Drone) using Autodesk Fusion 360

A multirotor quadcopter design made using Autodesk Fusion 360 mainly designed for disaster management purposes.

Toy car

The challenge is to create a set of rims for the car and make any car body modifications.


I am new to designing. This is my first drawing and made by just using lines and arcs.


Collapsible webcam.

Canon AE-1

Model of my favorite film camera, my Canon AE-1.

CrankShat & Piston Assembly

Design and Make some joints on Piston and Crankshaft assembly

CourseChallenge–Peer Review

Deigned a pair of pliers to show off some of the things I have learned through the Introduction to "Mechanical...

MILES(Military and Industry-oriented Live External Support)

An exoskeleton for industrial workers and armymen to provide them with comfort and greater endurance.

Wheel Suspension

This is a picture of the suspension on the car wheels

Blind Flange

Blind flange for bling the pipe line


it is a simple table fan consider all the conventional design aspects

Parking lot - Detailed plan

Project 1 for course "AutoCAD for Design and Drafting" by Autodesk.

lizard keyring

Designing a keyring from fusion 360 to be 3D printed.

Deatailed 3D model of Multi-storey building

Final project for course “3D CAD Applications” by National Taiwan University [NTU]: Coursera Prepared a 3D model of a Residential...

My First AutoCAD Home Plan

Being a Civil Engineering student, I have been exposed to AutoCAD ever since my first year of my UG program...

TATA NANO (EV)...(deeva edition)


knuckle joint

it is the machine part used to join the parts like in link of suspension bridge, bicycle chain, tractor wheel...

Robo Base plate Design with guid rail path

This is a base plate of machine.

Texas A&M University internship prototype design

This strap is the object hold RFID chip. RFID chip examines patients' breath rate, blood pressure, and more with radiofrequency...


This drawing illustrates a drone which is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV). The drones nowadays are made of several electronic components...

Bicycle Frame Generative Design

Using generative design in Fusion 360 to optimize pre-existing bicycle grame design.

Design model of Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge wheel

This is a actual size design model of Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge wheel rim with tyre. The design model...