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Some parts that i made when i started to learning the Autodesk Inventor.

spherux lighting design

Aula de AutoCAD 3D

Security Cage Frame

Created an AC Security Cage while using the Fusion 360 Trial, Thanks to the guys in the Fusion Demo I...

Multi-purpose hook

It is the multi-purpose hook which use to hang the bag on table or travelling by bus and train. it...


M0-CONNECTION WALL-EXTERIOR FLOOR 3D 01 M0-CONNECTION WALL-EXTERIOR FLOOR 3D 01 by BIM Architectural, Structural models on Sketchfab

Anel Interno

Desenvolvimento de Peças Mecânicas. Solid Edge


Peça Mecânica

Encaixe de Um Pistão

Peça mecânica. Solid Edge

Mould Creation

Advanced CAD for Manufacturing Course challenge .

Door Hinge

Generative Design of a Door Hinge that is used in almost every house doors.

fast project

did it in 2 hours with renderings to show my friend that he could make fast models in alias.

Generator study project

Visualization of 3d model

Tesla Model S

Making a remake and remixed version of the Tesla Model S

Still Life

Tried to make a realistic render with the theme "still life"

Start of residential building project in Rome

Building renovation project with top floor building extension

Tennis Club

Setting 2-3 tennis courts

Napkin Holder

I was in need of a napkin holder for my apartment and decided that instead of going to the store...

Jet Engine

Using my rudimentary knowledge, I designed a simple model of a jet engine within only a few hours.

Blue Crab

Blender modeling with and sculpture mode


An animation video project

Tower design in Aqaba city

this project is located in the tourism area near the Aqaba beach. the project with master plan wants to make...

car wheel

Car wheel, with Lassa tire.

Bridge design in an intersection of roads

Designed by Babacar Ly, senior road design and construction engineer