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The Eye On The Sea - Floating Building

The floating building was created to offset land consumption and overpopulation of cities, with the idea of settling permanently in...

Tool kit robot

hey, guys, this is a bot that I have made from scratch. it is modeled and textured by me and...


A cool ring with a big sapphire.

Mechanical Pencil

3D CAD model of a BiC Mechanical Pencil (#2-0.5mm)

Closed-loop chain

Closed loop chain design that can be used for a ring or a necklace as required by scaling as required.


Created entirely in sculpt environment.

Screw Driver

I have made the screw driver with the rotating cap that can be helpful for precision work.

Coat rack

It's a coat rack in the shape of a rifle. It should be noted that I am not in favor...

Studio appartment

Minimalist studio


Cockpit for X-jet airplane project

Future passenger aircraft

Future passenger aircraft concept X-jet H01MAX Hybrid Modular Multipurpose


Simple projet d'un petit chalet.


It's a polycentric pneumatic knee prosthesis. A less robust design was proposed, but due to the cost of machining and...

Minimalist hammer

I wanted to design a minimalist hammer for household uses, i designed the hammer in Fusion360 and rendered in Fusion 360.

House elevation

House elevation which is mostly used in india.... The elevation with looo cost which can give a rich look in...

Foot Prosthesis

This is my version of a design of a foot prosthesis from the company Mercuris, which is dedicated to the...

Robotic finger

A finger of a hand prosthesis that I'm designing.

Pyramidal adapter

A new design of a pyramidal adapter.

Plastic Bottle

Creating a CAD Model of a Plastic Bottle

Villa Design - 2007 - 11 years ago

Villa proposal

Case for Apple Earpods

Simple Parametric model for the case of Apple Earpods

Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Well you have made the GHOSTBUSTERS firehouse and then there was something missing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2955356 Here is ECTO-1 @ 1:50 scale...

12 Lilienblum Street by Zeev Rechter, 1933

Continuation of the Bauhaus Theme - my desk has lots to prints Created at 1:50 scale, part of teh front...