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House elevation

House elevation which is mostly used in india.... The elevation with looo cost which can give a rich look in...

Foot Prosthesis

This is my version of a design of a foot prosthesis from the company Mercuris, which is dedicated to the...

Robotic finger

A finger of a hand prosthesis that I'm designing.

Pyramidal adapter

A new design of a pyramidal adapter.

Plastic Bottle

Creating a CAD Model of a Plastic Bottle

Villa Design - 2007 - 11 years ago

Villa proposal

Case for Apple Earpods

Simple Parametric model for the case of Apple Earpods

Ghostbusters ECTO-1

Well you have made the GHOSTBUSTERS firehouse and then there was something missing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2955356 Here is ECTO-1 @ 1:50 scale...

12 Lilienblum Street by Zeev Rechter, 1933

Continuation of the Bauhaus Theme - my desk has lots to prints Created at 1:50 scale, part of teh front...

Aermacchi Mc205 I943 Italian ww2 fighter

Riproduzione dello storico caccia italiano della Regia Aeronautica Aermacchi mc205 nella versione del 1943 . Modellazione con Alias Speedform ;...

Ghostbusters Firehouse

It was world Ghostbuster Day the other day and I thought that I would challenge myself by making a Firehouse...

Maisalon Hotel 2009

Maisalon Hotel - KSA 2009 Elevation Design and plans development

Al Jazi Mall


Riproduzione velivolo Aermacchi Mb326

Riproduzione velivolo Aermacchi Mb326

Furniture design competition

Medina magazine competition (year 2000- more than 18 years ago :) ) I was a student when i enter this...


A cool multimeter. Please any comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc., make me notice. Your opinion helps me to improve myself.

As-built window family

This project illustrates a family of windows belonging to an old palace located in the center of Algiers- Algeria /...

L' Arapède - waterfront park

The waterfront park was designed to highlight the historical site of "cap caxine" located in Algiers-Algeria which was an old...

Bluedio T2s


Simple table

Educational work of 3D modelling

Residencia DA

Proyecto semestral de la materia Dibujo computarizado del Arq. Ricardo Vidal.

Hint(H)ouse de Syntax Architecture

Soy estudiante de arquitectura de tercer semestre en México y al inicio del curso de dibujo computarizado me asignaron el...