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A majority of the 20 hottest skills in the US job market are tech-related, according to a new list from freelancing platform Upwork.

In-demand tech skills are changing rapidly: 75 percent of the tech trends leading to job opportunities are new to the list.

Demand for mobile optimization, the rise in cybercrime and increasing investment in big data solutions are driving corporate hiring.

!!! The 2019 internship opportunities are online !!!

The Autodesk Foundation Impact Internship program provides innovators and entrepreneurs with access to Autodesk Student Experts who are passionate about design and skilled at using Autodesk technology. The program allows organizations in our portfolio to gain software expertise on a short-term basis that will create a lasting benefit. At the same time, students gain real-world work experience, applying their technical expertise to solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.
Our hope is that their experience and connections will benefit them as they return to school, and in their future careers. We realize that supporting partners with grant funding is critical but leveraging software know-how is often even more valuable to our partners. We invite interested students to apply now.