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Enabling artists to animate faster and without creative limits has been central to recent Maya updates. In this Vision Series presentation, we go behind-the-scenes to see how artists at Walt Disney Imagineering, ILM, Naughty Dog, and Build a Rocket Boy are using the latest animation and rigging workflows in production.

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Hi, is this offer still open? Can I have access to this course? I am one of the subscribers of Sir Jomarc's channel. Thank you!

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"Architectural Modeling in 3Ds Max (Exterior)"

Architectural Modelling in 3Ds Max covers the foundation of basic architectural modelling to complex modelling. It begins with the setting up User Interface, Preferencing and Managing the Project and Navigation. It also covers the workflows from Autocad 2d/3d object to 3Ds max, so the student will know the process of how both software will work seamlessly. Along the way of the course, basic modelling tools of 3ds Max will be presented. It will cover both solid and spline or shape tools.

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