Lesson 1: Getting started

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Watch this video for an overview of the course, content and learning objectives.

detailed and helpful tutorial
hes moving so fast i cant follow along
can you tell me which part of the tutorial information about materials
Hello, certificates of completion are available for download in your user Profile once you've completed 100% of this course. Track your progress at the top of this page. Enjoy!
thanks Thom for this course
all over is great.. but if the screenshot is clear in the tutorial doc. that would be better
@Kris D'Souza and @Omonzokpia -- Thank you for your comments. The "car concept.jpg" file is found in Lesson 1 > Step 3: Course resources. Download the .zip file from the course menu. You'll find that file in the folder for Lesson 2. Enjoy!
It is very helpful but sometimes explanations of what the man is doing are a slightly unclear and confuse
i cant find the concept.jpg within the zip provided
very good explanation