Lesson 2: Starter activity

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In this lesson, you're provided with a file and walked through the process of creating an extrude cut through solid geometry.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
• Import a file.
• Use Extrude.
• Save a file.

Introduction to CAD: Learn Fusion 360 in 90 minutes
15 lessons | 1 hour 30 minutes
Author: Matt Perez
Software: Fusion 360
Level: Beginner
Enrollment: 17617

iCourse Description

Lesson 1: Getting started

Lesson 2: Starter activity

Lesson 3: Introduction to the Fusion 360 UI

Lesson 4: Sketch the Lamp Base

Lesson 5: Model the lamp arm

Lesson 6: Model the lamp shade fittings

Lesson 7: Sculpt the lamp shade

Lesson 8: Assemble lamp components

Lesson 9: Document the lamp design

Lesson 10: Create a photo real render

Lesson 11: Export for 3D printing

Lesson 12: Design Review and Collaboration

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Very Detailed course. Easy to learn
Great course! That will be perfect if subtitle and play speed control are added in the video player.
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