Lesson 1: Getting started

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William, I am sorry for the trouble you've run into! If you expand the Bodies folder in your browser, if the lamp shade is a body shown as a white cylinder icon it will display in the drawing. This is true if the tspline is closed when you "finish form" or if you thicken it when back in the design workspace. Where you might run into trouble is if you are in the Form/Sculpt workspace(depending on the UI preview) you will see the bodies folder contains a purple cylinder icon for a Tspline body. These will not be displayed. You must make sure that you "finish form" and that it is a solid body. Here is an article discussing that warning you are seeing.
Lesson 9: When I tried to create the 2D drawing I received the following error: "Mesh, T-Spline and surface bodies will not be included in the drawing." When I clicked OK the lampshade was omitted. Can't seem to figure where I went wrong.