Lesson 4: Intro to Sketchbook 

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What to use to draw the lines, I mean with apple pencil or something like that or a mouse or laptop touchpad ??
@Arturo Berruecos Garcia Gracias por llamarnos la atención sobre el video que se repetía. Hemos solucionado el problema.
Es un excelente tutorial pero los videos van demasiado rápido y en la lección 9 y 10 son el mismo video. Ojalá lo corrijan, por favor.
lesson 3 it was amazing thanks so much for effort
This is a nice course. Thank you. However some areas that needed careful attention were too fast for me to follow
The videos gone through the steps were too fast for me.
hi front view of the sketch is not moving in horizontal direction
Great course but why aren't the videos being fixed... lesson 3 steps 1 & 3 are the same also Lessons 9 & 10 are the same with the wheels missing??? Please fix this it can't be that hard!!!!!!