Lesson 2: Overview of the automotive design visualization process 

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Review of the design visualization process for automotive design. Speak to the process of using clay, sketching and CAD tools are used.  Speak to how Fusion 360 can support all aspects of the process - from sketching to digital clay modeling using free form sculpting. Then speak to how this project showcases a process in which Fusion is used in conjunction with Sketchbook to provide novices with a process that allows for quick success and a well defined design visualization.

Very informative. Teaching speed is good, I can pause video and practice in 360, then do it all again as many times as I need to until I am happy with my learning.
I have learnt well. I love the way I rendered my car. Please fix the issue with the arrangement of some of the lectures and next time avoid speeding up some steps taken to help beginners. Thanks
Fantastic course. I still struggle with the match command, when it comes to fit the border of the front air intake, since the borders don't precisely match and it makes me mad. I suppose that what I want is too much a task for this level of concept modeling. Still it's a limit.