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Sustainable Design webinar series for buildings

Sustainable Buildings – how to integrate insight into the Design Build Operate Lifecycle

On-air date Oct 18, 2017

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As the need for sustainable buildings increases globally, educators are seeking new ways to help students solve these important building challenges for their own projects.  We will begin with Autodesk’s vision to help you better understand where we are headed while identifying the key technology trends.  Then, we will transition into more practical examples of how to use design insight to iteratively explore several sustainable design criteria through real-time dashboards for optimizing a building.  

This webinar aims to help educators and architectural students devise a strategy to integrate outcome driven insight into their design process for application in design studio projects and onwards into professional life. Come join us Wednesday, Oct 18 at 12pm Eastern to hear more about Autodesk’s sustainable design solutions.

Learning objectives:

• Identify the technology trends being utilized for making better buildings
• Explain Autodesk Insight’s capabilities for optimizing building design
• Describe how to integrate Autodesk Insight into the design workflow
• Identify the learning resources available from Autodesk


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