Design Now: Music with Fusion 360

Learn how to sketch, render, sculpt, and prepare a model in Autodesk Fusion 360 through our music-focused webinar series. Watch a webinar recording or download the step-by-step guides to learn more. 

Lesson 1: Design a Microphone Shock Mount

This microphone shock mount uses low cost, broadly available materials to help eliminate microphone handling noise.

Skills: assembly of components, McMaster-Carr part integration, apply joints, rendering, adjusting scene settings.

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Microphone shock mount

Lesson 2: Design a Bicycle Speaker

Using a complete assembly of a bicycle speaker learn how to change its materials and appearance to create a more realistic model.

Skills: using texture and designs, appearance overrides, visual sharing and collaboration, saving 2D documentation, rendering.

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Download step-by-step webinar guide


Bicycle speaker

Lesson 3: Design a Parametric Pan Flute

This printable pan flute design uses parameters including pitch and speed of sound.

Skills: create, sketch, and build from parameters, preparing models for 3D printing.

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Parametric pan flute

Lesson 4: Design a Sculpted Guitar Knob

Create a printable custom sculpted knob for a guitar using an existing model as a template. 

Skills: sculpt, edit form, parametric modeling techniques, symmetry application, making variations on designs, McMaster-Carr part integration

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Download step-by-step webinar guide

Sculpted guitar knob