Connected BIM: BIM 360 construction management webinar series

BIM 360 construction management software enables almost anytime, anywhere access to project data throughout the building construction lifecycle. BIM 360 empowers you to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance as well as those in the field to better anticipate and act via mobile/cloud capabilities.

Past webinars

Are you preparing for a changing Virtual Design and Construction environment?

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017 12 – 1 pm Eastern
Please join Autodesk as we discuss the digital changes affecting the construction industry that will help drive down waste while improving efficiency and creating value for construction companies.  Ken Stowe of Autodesk, Construction Industry Thought Leader, will share with you the forces that are challenging construction companies at the enterprise level to embrace digital technologies into their business model to deliver projects faster with less waste to deliver competitive advantage.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the four forces affecting construction companies at the enterprise level
  • Describe how to avoid "The Dominoes of Waste"
  • Describe how Connected BIM tools can create value and drive down waste
  • Explain why insights are more important than big data

How to integrate BIM 360 Glue in undergraduate Construction Management classes

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August 3rd, 2017 12 – 1 pm EDT
Please join Autodesk and Milwaukee School of Engineering for the second webinar in the series on Connected BIM applications in construction management classes.  

In the first webinar we introduced the BIM 360 family of cloud-based collaboration solutions for construction through a graduate level construction management BIM course case study.  In this webinar we will focus on model based collaboration using BIM 360 Glue through the lens of undergraduate course applications for construction management.

The fast adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM) or Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technologies in the construction industry have changed the way we communicate and collaborate to manage a construction project. Meanwhile, construction educators are searching for tangible examples on how to integrate BIM/VDC into their curriculum that is aligned with student learning outcomes to prepare construction management students for industry workflows. BIM 360 Glue is a cloud-based VDC tool for collaboration, communication, and construction project management within a multidisciplinary team environment.

This webinar aims to help CM educators devise a strategy to integrate BIM 360 Glue in their CM courses such as construction project management, plan reading, construction scheduling, construction site management, or multi-disciplinary design courses. In addition, teaching examples will be introduced that are linked with the student learning outcomes of ACCE and ABET. 

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the benefits of BIM 360 Glue for design review, clash detection, and issue tracking
  • Learn how to integrate BIM 360 Glue into various CM courses
  • Explain the benefits of using BIM 360 Glue for assessing ACCE / ABET student learning outcomes
  • Identify the learning resources available for developing your own implementation strategies


How to integrate BIM 360 in Construction Management and IPD classes

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June 22nd, 2017 12 – 1 pm EDT
Please join Autodesk and University of Florida for an introduction to BIM 360 in construction management and IPD classes. Dr. Raymond Issa of University of Florida will discuss BIM 360 relevancy in construction management practices and why it is important for students and academia. In addition, PhD candidate Nathan Blinn will share best practices for workflows and techniques to assist you in implementing cloud-based collaboration tools inside the classroom.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe Connected BIM.
  • Identify the toolsets supporting Connected BIM.
  • Explain how cloud-based tools can be applied to support IPD classes.
  • Create strategies for developing your own implementation blueprint.

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