Student Highlight

Student Highlight: Macy Dykes, Savannah Jones, and Lauren Eshelman

Macy Dykes, Savannah Jones, and Lauren Eshelman are 11th graders at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill, Georgia.  They invented a product called the Eyeliner Stamp using Tinkercad, and received a patent for their design.



What are some of your interests and your favorite classes?

Macy: My favorite class is AP psychology, but outside of school I’m a competitive Irish dancer.
Savannah: My favorite classes are engineering and my gifted directed studies class.

Lauren: My personal favorite class is AP psychology, and my interests are acting, marine biology, and cross country


What software do you use in your classes?  What inspired you to take these classes?

We use many different types of software, including 3ds Max, Inventor, AutoCAD, Adobe, and others.

Macy: I’m currently learning to code in Java in AP computer science, but I’m also very interested in digital design so I do a lot of work in Adobe Photoshop, CS6, and the Autodesk SketchBook Mobile app. Several people in my family are engineers, and my grandfather and my uncle are both incredibly skilled with computers, so I was surrounded by technology from a very early age. That is mainly what inspired me to start taking tech classes and consider getting into a career centered around technology.
Savannah: I wanted to take technology classes because I like making things in a hands-on way. I am also taking AP Computer Science, and a coding class to learn how to make programs.

Lauren: In my classes at school this year, I am currently using Adobe Premier and movie maker, but my main tech focus is JavaScript and HTML. My mom and dad are both programmers and I have always found what they do interesting and mesmerizing.  


Describe the product you designed with Tinkercad.  What is it and what does it do?  What gave you the idea for your invention?

We used Tinkercad to create a model for our product, the Eyeliner Stamp. The Eyeliner Stamp is a flexible stamp in the shape of eyeliner which can be used to quickly apply eyeliner without having to draw it freehand onto your eye. We originally had the idea when we were assigned a project to create a product that we thought the world needed. All of us agreed that eyeliner is the part of a makeup routine that takes up the most time and tends to be the hardest to get right. We thought that if we could just simply press the eyeliner on instead of having to draw it freehand to both eyes, it would not only speed up the process, but make it more accurate as well.


What was the design process you used to create the design patent?  Did you work together?  What did you learn from working on this project?

First, we began by doing an extensive patent search to see if anyone else had already received or registered for a patent for a product similar to ours. After several days of this search, we found that there was not any other product registered that looked or functioned like the Eyeliner Stamp. After that, we met with a lawyer to go over the process of actually applying to receive the patent. We sent off the Tinkercad models we created of the stamp to a draftsman who then made sketches based on the models. As soon as we received the sketches, we were able to officially apply for the patent on May 15, 2015.


How do you think learning to use Autodesk software has helped you in your classes?

Macy: I’ve been able to use SketchBook to create designs or logos for projects in almost all of my classes, not just tech. It’s really helped me take my work above and beyond by letting me be more creative and incorporate some of my original art that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to add to things like PowerPoints or infographic posters.

Savannah: Learning how to use Autodesk software has been really useful over the past 3 years. It gives me a new way to express my ideas and amaze everyone.

Lauren: I have used Autodesk many times throughout the design process for the eyeliner stamp. It has really helped me see what we need to work on and make the design process simpler.

What do you think you want to study in college or do after school?
Macy: I’m currently deciding between a couple majors. I’d love to go into some branch of psychology, like forensic or clinical psych, but it’s also always been a dream of mine to work in web development or graphic design.
Savannah: I don't know what college I want to go to or what I wants to major in but I do know that I want to minor in business so I will have a schooling for when the group and I make a company out of our product.

Lauren: I am also going through a couple of choices. I am very into marine biology and the oceanic ecosystems. I am debating going into a psychology field and training to become a psychiatrist. I am also very much into web design and building the backbones of websites.


What is your dream job and why?

Macy: If I do decide to get into a tech based career, I’d love to work for a company that’s constantly trying to innovate and create new forms of technology to solve problems and help people. Technology is constantly growing and improving, and I think we can really create a better future by continuing to create new tech that improves people’s lives.
Savannah: At the moment I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, not even a dream job. I’m very interested in all the technology that my school has to offer and I hope to continue the Eyeliner Stamp and make a company out of it.

Lauren: My dream job is any job where I can continue to grow and help society in some way. That is why I am debating marine biology, psychology, and a technical job; they all have to do with helping people, animals, and the earth in some way.