Student Highlight

Student Highlight: Furkan Günal

Furkan Günal studies Industrial Design Engineering at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. 



What inspired you to study design? 

I was very young when I first started creating designs and drawings.  I would dream something and then draw it anywhere I found empty space. It didn’t matter whether it was a wall or paper!  Since then, I have had an impulse to change things or make them more beautiful. When I was in high school, I used to do graffiti and street art. When I finished high school, I thought that I should be an industrial design engineer so I chose to pursue it in university.

From concept sketch to 3D model.


Where do you get inspiration for your creative projects? 

I am inspired by many things. I am inspired by Turkish art history, films that I have watched, even songs that I have listened to.  I think that designers have limitless sources of inspiration. I even created a scale that was inspired by a yacht.  

Model for a scale inspired by a yacht.

Even if I’m just beginning, I feel that the music that I listen to while doing my work affects my lines. The aesthetic appearance of my work is inspired by music.


Who is your design idol and why? 

Because I have a special interest in cars, I can say that Murat Günak, who is a Turkish car designer, is my idol. I like the way he uses his lines.  He worked as a designer at some of the biggest companies like Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Chrysler and Volkswagen.  I also think that Banksy’s works inspire my life and my work.


Describe one of your favorite projects.  What is it about? Who is it for? What was the process like?

I love all of the designs that I made for my first class, but I have one in particular I really love that’s unique from my other work.  I like animals a lot and have a huge aquarium in my room. Since my aquarium is so colossal, I find it hard to fit both my desk and aquarium in my room. While I was thinking about it, I said to myself, “why can’t I make an aquarium and a desk into one product?” Then, I had an idea for an Aquarium Coffee Table.  I started with a sketch and when I felt that I had the correct lines, I modeled it using Fusion 360. Since I love wooden products, I used glass and wood as the main materials, but I also modeled red and blue versions.

Aquarium coffee table in wood.


What is your dream job and why? 

I want to design all kinds of products, but my dream is to be an automobile designer in a big company. I am very interested in cars and even a small detail of a car can make me feel excited.

Jant Reklam.36.jpg
Furkan's design of a BMW wheel made in Fusion 360.


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