Soccer generates electricity with Inventor

Rural areas around the world still lack electricity—but no matter where they live, kids have energy to spare. If only there was a way to harness that energy and store it for reading lights, so kids who live off the grid could stay active and finish their homework, too. As a class project in their junior year at Harvard University, Jessica O. Matthews and Julia Silverman used Autodesk Inventor to create a solution: the Soccket ball. With every kick of this sturdy, super capacitor-equipped ball across rough terrain, Soccket stores kinetic electricity to power a reading light.

After a successful trial in Nigeria, Jessica and Julia took their Soccket Ball to the 2014 World Cup to generate electricity for Brazil’s underserved favelas – and stimulate creative thinking in schools about alternative energy sources. Before the games ended, Uncharted Play was already working on its next bold move: a jump rope you can use to charge your cell phone.

See how the Soccket Ball is making difference in Nigeria