Robotics in architectural education: transforming the design to make process

When we think of robots, we typically picture them on an assembly line, manufacturing parts for automobiles or other large machinery.  Their ability to perform repetitive tasks tirelessly to assemble products is a given.  Within the context of Architectural design, however, robotics has become more accessible, moving from specialized research for computer programmers only, to Architectural designers making various scale elements from small scale architectural models up to full scale building components and assemblies.

One illustration of designers using robotics occurred this past summer at Virginia Tech’s Center for Design Research.  They are exploring the use of robotics for the fabrication of architectural artifacts through a new innovative Design Robotics Studio hosted by the College of Architecture and Urban Studies.  During a kickoff summit with collaborating institutions and Autodesk, students and educators were able to see first-hand a workflow demonstration of visual scripting with Autodesk Dynamo to fabrication.  The integration of robotics into the design to make process opens up many opportunities for architects to become engaged in the maker movement with architecture. Learn more here.

Explore fabrication in architecture with this project.