These Custom Harley Parts Are Born to Ride With Generative Design

Aftermarket motorcycle parts are big business. Aftermarket Harley-Davidson parts comprise a smaller, yet still vibrant affair. Aftermarket parts for dedicated Harley owners who want to restyle their rides to look and act more like European racing bikes? That’s about as niche as you can get. But as Canada’s MJK Performance knows, it’s a narrow-but-deep pool of passionate customers who demand the best.

The Calgary-based manufacturer has provided custom Harley parts since 2007—always at the bleeding edge of new technologies. With a five-person staff, two 5-axis mills, one 3-axis mill, and a lathe, MJK Performance sells from its website and through a worldwide network of dealers. Designer and co-owner Phil Butterworth says his clientele is prepared to pay for the best results.

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Photo Credit: This rendering of the MJK Performance triple clamp showcases the generative-design capabilities of Autodesk Fusion 360. Courtesy of MJK Performance.