C40’s Women4Climate Sheds Feminine Light on Major Cities’ Climate Strategies

Modern cities are built atop the designs of decades—or even centuries—past, long before the current dilemmas of rapid population growth, chronic traffic congestion, and climate change had ever been considered. Most city planning is also absent the universal design principles that take into greater account the needs of women, ethnic minorities, and elderly or disabled citizenry.

Take, for example, Houston, a city that experienced devastating flooding when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. Much of the city’s infrastructure predated modern capabilities, and the result was a stark reminder that most cities aren’t prepared to face the severe weather events happening more frequently with climate change. That was especially true for Houston’s most vulnerable communities, which disproportionately faced higher flood risk.

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Photo Credit: The C40 coalition shares knowledge, technology, and other innovations among 96 major global cities, such as Vancouver, Canada, to promote measurable action on climate change.